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Chucky x Reader. 43.6K 312 167. by Firepaw16. There is a lemon in every chapter except this one cause that's just wrong I mean come on their dolls for fucks sake. "Alright girly time to get you put up."Carried away back to my box.I was a doll with a soul that's been trapped for 10 years.I hated it.I hated this life.I had to escape somehow.....

Sans (Undertale) is a jerk. Horrortale Sans (Undertale)/Reader - Freeform. Eventual Fluff. Fluff and Angst. This idea came from that one post that went: (smack) stop (smack) eating (smack) all (smack) my (smack) potatoes (smacksmacksmack) Gardens & Gardening. The only thing reader can cook is soUp. Worldbuilding. Henry. Henry is 100% enthralled by your thighs. He really doesn't care the size, he's just a thigh guy. To be honest, he can be a little bit of a perv when it comes to yours. Sitting by Henry in class don't be surprised when he firmly places his hand on your thigh and squeezes, leaving it their.

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YOU ARE READING {18+}Slasher X Reader !!Smuts!!Requests Closed!!{18+} Romance. Alrighty this is my Slasher smut book lol I might revise and put my older ones in here but I havent decided lol I will do at least 5 requests and all the info for my requests and who I will write smut for will be in the introduction :3 !!Thank You!! Bnha Oneshots. 4.8M 125K 154. (Requests Closed!) The title says it all! These are all x reader scenarios and such. I will also take requests for most characters (no Mineta or Stain though, sorry). Just drop your request in my inbox when they are open. Credit to @Sopherloafer for the rad cover! Thanks for reading!Mergers. Patrick Bateman/Reader has been made a synonym of Patrick Bateman/You. Works and bookmarks tagged with Patrick Bateman/Reader will show up in Patrick Bateman/You's filter. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

I've looked, and I haven't seen a BadBoyHalo x Reader, so I'm making one! Tehehehe! Too lazy to write what it's about, so just read it and you'll find out ;3Michael ain’t easy when it comes to letting you know he’s horny. Let’s say you’re at your computer desk working when he’s suddenly behind you. He’s all up on you in seconds, lifting you up, taking your place in the chair, and putting you on his lap. His rough hands find your breasts shortly after.Genshin Impact x Reader; genshin impact smut; genshin smut; genshin x reader; Kamisato ayato smut; ayato smut - Freeform; thoma smut; Thoma x Reader; kamisato ayato x reader; ayato x reader - Freeform; NSFW; Smut; Female Reader; Summary ⵌ threesome feat. ayato x fem! reader x thoma. tumblr: @anantaru do not! share, copy or repost my work ...GIF by craqueluring. Hannibal Lecter x Reader. Summary: Humans are born with milky white blood. The more crimes they commit the darker their blood gets. One day, you meet your soulmate, and everything is amazing. A couple of years later, during dinner, he cuts himself only to expose black blood.

Oral both female and male recieving. Name calling, pet names, p in v sex. No use if condom (be responsible please, life isn't fanfiction). Drinking. Everyone in this fic is over 18. if I missed anything please let me know. Pairing: Stu Macher x fem!reader x Billy Loomis. Word count: 6.7k. Just the three of us.I've looked, and I haven't seen a BadBoyHalo x Reader, so I'm making one! Tehehehe! Too lazy to write what it's about, so just read it and you'll find out ;3 ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Slasher x reader smut. Possible cause: Not clear slasher x reader smut.

You would never date me I'm just a freshman and you're leaving tomorrow and I-" I'm cut off by my own silent sobs. I don't look up I'm to scared too. " (Y/n) look at me." (C/n) says. I don't look up. I can't. I feel his hand go under my chin and tilt my head up to make eye contact with him.Slash X Reader (Some Lemon/Smut) Fanfiction. You've fallen in love with the guitarist from Guns N' Roses. You've been friends with him since the two of you were little. He's sweet to you, and he's always been there for you, but you never saw those feelings coming, until recently, you realized...

170K 1.4K 16. *UPDATE: All ranges of Undertale smut/lemons (mostly lemons by this point) No longer one shot. Contains multiple one-shots, and occasionally two-shots. Male readers can request a character x male reader :) Underfell Sans x Female Reader. Smut or a Lemon *shrugs* might be a one shot (if no one wants more I guess)After the battle between the hotel's sinners and Heaven's exorcists, Lucifer orders Lenore, his long-term contractual companion, and her troupe to stay at the hotel and protect Charlie from any danger. Her conflicted feelings and loyalty towards Lucifer get muddled after meeting the Radio Demon, Alastor.

stardew age cheese 18+ Slasher x reader/ Slasher Headcanons blog • Asks/Requests are closed. Explore. Change palette. Slasher Headcanons @slasherheadcanons. 18+ Slasher x reader/ Slasher Headcanons blog • Asks/Requests are closed. Ask me anything Follow. Posts. slasherheadcanons. Follow. Pinned Post. Just some rules. food lion senior discount monday30 columbia street poughkeepsie new york Tags: Slasher x Reader, Michael Myers x Reader, Michael Myers, AU where the reader is the one locked up in Smith's Grove and dear sweet Michael is the nurse, a fairly graphic description of a murder, also reader is technically kept gender neutral with the exception of putting on a female nurse's uniform so like interpret it however i guessBilly and stu are dressed up in the traditional ghostface outfit. Dubious Consent into Consent. Reader has an already established relationship with Billy and Stu, sometimes they like to roleplay the helpless victim and the big bad killers. Slight shifts in perspective during the stalking phase of the fic. how to fold money flower Discover more posts about Dream xD x reader. Explore. Change palette. Latest Top. prrism. ... Creature (DreamXD X Reader Smut) The first time you found XD, you found him in the depths of an enchanted forest, where you had been collecting mushrooms. Taller than the average man, with four arms and a cloak that blended in with the leaves of the ...Quick thingy I am still doing part 3's as smuts but yet again they are on my Horror smut tumblr and I will be uploading an Ash smut,Creeper smut,Norman smut and maybe a chucky smut but idk yet.Oh and that outfit above is the doll outfit you wear :). You sat in the corner of the room with your legs pressed against your chest. You didn't want to look at … driving test nj questions and answers pdfeuropean wax center mountain view cadawsonville ga tag office I Want You ( Natsu X Reader Lemon) 1M 18K 73. Currently fixing some chapters. When mating season passes by Natsu starts to feel its effects. When y/n gets pregnant. What is he gonna do. Follow me in this crazy adventure of love, lemon, pain, more lemon, surprises, more pain, more lemon, jealous ex-girlfriends, demons, cats, more lemon ... jill kenny chesney There's some fluff, some smut, some angst, and some funny prompts all mashed up from a bunch of prompt lists I've found. Absolutely none of these prompts came from me, I just threw a bunch of ones I liked together. ... slasher x reader; slasher x you; asks are always appreciated; fragrance; perfume; cologne; thomas hewitt; texas chainsaw ...Thought I would write some slasher drabbles. these are X reader so be warned and read the tags. Series. Part 1 of Slashers smuts and drabbles; Language: English Words: 14,640 Chapters: 21/? Comments: 11 Kudos: 262 ... Smut (91) Fluff (67) Dubious Consent (65) Rough Sex (60) Pennywise is His Own Warning (IT) (58) Oral Sex (54) Vaginal Sex (49 ... daily messenger obits today262966 text messagelittle caesars pizza flemingsburg menu It was Halloween night, dark eyes through holes in a white, cast of a mask staring through the second story window of an old, decrepit house. A young boy skipping by as in a blue, capped superhero, an older couple strolling on the opposite street, arm in arm minding their own in the breezy night. Eyes cast downward as the sharp ring of a ...